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September 13, 2005
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Trigun Portraits: Wolfwood by Luna-Kitsune-Blu Trigun Portraits: Wolfwood by Luna-Kitsune-Blu

I just started this really randomly in English whilst watching a movie in there. One of the characters just kinda reminded me of Wolfwood so I set out to draw him and some how he ended up all smexy and realistic! -IS SO PROUD OF HERSELF- Because Wolfwood turned out so damn good, I went back and did the other three main characters, Vash, Millie & Meryl just for the hell of it. >_> They turned out really good tooo.

I do realize this should probably go in Fanart, but I've seen fanart fall into other catagories before, so I'm testing my luck here by putting a portrait in the portrait section, no matter the subject.

Ps. About the blood on his cheek >_> In I think episode 10 of the anime, Vash and Wolfwood have a shoot out and he gets nicked on the cheek. I just thought it would look sexy with a little blood, and I believe I was right >_> -fangirls away-
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SMEXY!!! OMG HE'S SO F'in HOT! The blood on his cheek is so super sexy. *dies* I love it. His eyes are beautiful! He looks so... serene and gentle. Not something we usually are lucky enough to see from him. *sighs* He looks a little lonely or lost. Oh wolfy! *huggles* OMG he's such a beautiful man. LOVE THIS PIC. Great job!
liliummaia Jun 4, 2007   Photographer
oh so wonderful!!! Wolfwood! dear i be girly and put a heart??? i think i will <3
:iconpinksnowfairy: captured that gentle, yet wary Wolfie look quite perfectly. Seeing anime characters more realistically has always both intrigued me and slightly frightened me. I guess you just get so used to seeing them as "animated" that to see them as real people would be a bit of a shock (but none-the-less, I'd still want to, and they'd still get glomped). I kinda tend to think of them like I think of book characters. They're real, but it's a different "kind" of real.

In any event, Nick is still smexy, even realistically, as you have shown us so well^^. Actually, I think he looks a bit more bishie (in a delightful way) then he ever did in the anime (at least to me). I'm on to see the other ones! Did you post them? I'm sure they arn't THAT bad.
-cough- they were REALLY bad >_> Millie stills scares me. Lots and lots...Her and Vash...
Ah well, one out of three ain't half bad! XD Besides, I don't know of a single artist that has actually captured Vash realistically to my liking. Wolfie is notoriously hard for me to draw (though I mostly draw him...which is weird), and yours is kinda the first I've ever seen that captured him to my liking, really.
Sorry to double-post, but where are the other portraits you mentioned? I'd love to see them!
>_> after looking back over them, I realized that they didn't turn out very good at all >_> I'm a little too...well embarrassed to post them >_<
No, I'm sure they're fine! Put them in your scraps then; I'd still like to see them! :nod:
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